About Us

Located in Santarém, Portugal, Festivo Começo, S.A. is specialized in manufacturing high quality food products.
Some of them respond to the needs of the manufacturing industry, such as fruits in sugar syrup and crystallized fruits. Our other products guarantee the satisfaction of the general consumer and businesses such as hotels and catering companies. Among these are quince jam, fruit jams, concentrated juice beverages and almonds.

Our products are the delight of the Portuguese market through the retail and wholesale channels, as well as in the International market, particularly in countries where important Portuguese communities exist. Recently, we aim for growth within the Arab markets, more precisely in the Persian Gulf through our new brand “Festa International”.

The secret to our success is and will remain on carefully managed processes of treatment, choice, transformation and packaging of our fruits. The technology complements the handmade treatment that our recipes require.

From the wide variety of portuguese fruit processed in Festivo Começo SA factory, the Quince stands out, as well as our quince jam. This product is a market leader and one of our top premium products. The consumption of this typical portuguese specialty has been gradually increasing over time, due to its high energetic value, and continues to be one of the most appreciated products by Portuguese communities in the European Union, United States and Africa.